Accidentally on Purpose

The idea had germinated in our heads a few years ago, to find universal imagery to capture the complexity of everyday life in a modern urban setting and depict the human condition how people live in this age with full of impacts all the time. Through this, our intention was to capture intersecting slices in time of our beautiful, confused world. What really got us is the multi-layered facet brought together by shots with many dimensions which merge together into another, an abstract sphere that projects our physical, virtual world. We use double exposure technique and if we swap the rolls between each other to shoot the second layer, this gives a special character to the images and allow us to combine two unrepeatable moments from two photographers distinctive viewpoints in one frame. With this twist we want the viewer to feel confused, lost, as you feel if you are in a crowded busy street in a big city when there's so much going on around you. If you stop and look around you can observe this manic jungle, try to analyse, discover and think about the perception of today's reality while diving into the complex picture. Images come out straight from the film camera without any photoshop and darkroom manipulations.

( 2016 - 2019 )

In the Shadow of the Thaw

The summer arctic ice cover has decreased by 50% over the last four decades, and it shows no sign of slowing down. The continually shrinking ice on Greenland is exposing mineral riches (iron, gold, zinc, uranium and rare earth elements) which poses a number of potential risks to the population and the environment and possibly forever changing the landscape of their homeland. The world's thirst for these commodities is sure to bring companies from across the globe competing over mining rights. Climate change not only has an economic impact but an enormous impact on culture and lifestyle. The loss of habitat and overfishing has already greatly affected life in many towns, causing unemployment and drastic changes in traditional ways, like in Narsaq where the population has dropped as young people moved elsewhere to find the source of income and those who remain standing in front of an unstable future and social problems. In the shadow of the thaw, what prospects will this uncertain future bring for the indigenous population? Will the knowledge and the memory of their forebears slowly evaporate?

( 2016 - Ongoing )

Made in Carnival

It’s hard to put into words the pure energy of London’s Notting Hill Carnival, the most visual and vibrant celebration of the Caribbean culture in the UK. The Carnival is free and open to all and always takes place on the Sunday and Monday of the August bank-holiday weekend. It’s a spectacular procession featuring innumerable community groups, clubs and bands, all dressed in costume. Away from the procession, static sound systems scattered throughout Notting Hill broadcast diverse genres of music and accommodate performances. This is europe's biggest street party which represent London's multicultural past and present. The first time to be there for us was so determinant. We faced with a totally different atmosphere what we imagined. The decision came immediately we have to photograph this turbulent vibe in a "raw" approach as it slapped our face and with the pictures give the feelings what we experienced at first sight when the crowd of the Carnival swallowed us.

( 2012 - Ongoing )

Friday the 13th

On Friday 13 July 2018, nearly 250.000 activists flooded the streets of central London to protest against Donald Trump's visit to the UK. This was one of the biggest demonstration in London recently so we grabbed our cameras and followed the crowd to catch moments.

( 2018 )

Lost Where I Belong

In the land of contrast where life depends so much of the Nature, Icelandic sheep farming is a central part of people livelihood and as well their culture. This lifestyle is deeply rooted to this land and closely connected to the Icelandic spirit. After the lambs are born in spring, farmers send the sheep into the mountains, where they spend the summer like wild animals, grazing freely underneath the midnight sun until September and that’s when the Réttir (the sheep round-up) come in. It's an annual event when they will reveal the results of the quality of their year's production, also serves as a social setting, gathering of families, friends and neighbours. These days are the most important after the lambing season in the Icelandic sheep farming.

Lost Where I Belong is one chapter of “To Follow a Dream”.

( 2012 - 2016 )