It’s hard to put into words the pure energy of London’s Notting Hill Carnival, the most visual and vibrant celebration of the Caribbean culture in the UK. The Carnival is free and open to all and always takes place on the Sunday and Monday of the August bank-holiday weekend. It’s a spectacular procession featuring innumerable community groups, clubs and bands, all dressed in costume. Away from the procession, static sound systems scattered throughout Notting Hill broadcast diverse genres of music and accommodate performances. This is europe's biggest street party which represent London's multicultural past and present. The first time to be there for us was so determinant. We faced with a totally different atmosphere what we imagined. The decision came immediately we have to photograph this turbulent vibe in a "raw" approach as it slapped our face and with the pictures give the feelings what we experienced at first sight when the crowd of the Carnival swallowed us.

( 2012 - Ongoing)