We're fascinated with photographing the man and their environment and depict the simple daily life of everyday people. The greatest challenge has always been interpreting the world around us, which is difficult to understand, due to the ever-changing chaotic nature of today. However, photography helps us in both recording and realising this manic jungle of thoughts, ideas and emotions. We always work together as two merged elements, two minds, four eyes, one heart, one soul, one picture...

  • 2017 Finalist, LEICA OSKAR BARNACK Award, Berlin, Germany,

  • 2019 Finalist, ITALIAN STREET PHOTO FESTIVAL, Rome, Italy,

PUBLICATIONS / PRESS: Courrier International, AMICA International, LFI Leica Fotografie International, The Independent Photographer, FotoRoom.co, Leica Camera Blog…

We are based in London, UK.